Looks Like I Need To Teach Bieber How Real Bad Boys Cliff Dive

Whoa, what was that? 6 feet bro? 7, maybe? And you’re wearing a wet suit because you’re embarrassed about how skinny you are? K, step aside, let the real men jump.






Yeah that’s like 30 feet with no hesitation or little baby steps, like you, no biggie. Got my chest out so all the babies can see that I’m all man jumping from high heights and being generally tough looking. You know the chick who was filming this and said “Oh my god”? Well she’d literally throw herself off that ledge to watch a real man like me cliff dive. I’m basically one of those cliff divers in Acapulco who jump off 100 ft cliffs into 7 ft of water. Yeah, I’m that bad ass.



PS – Do more songs like One Time and Baby, plz. Jams.