Lady Gaga Hasn't Done Anything In A While So She Decided To Show Everyone Her Nipple

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I love how celebrities try and play this shit off like it was an accident or a “wardrobe malfunction.” No it wasn’t, Gaga, I know for a fact it wasn’t. Know how I know? Because I have friends who are girls and they look at EVERY single detail before they decide the picture is OK to post. Getting a group of girls to take a pic is harder than passing a bill through congress, 3 of them think it’s good and then one is like “Omgggg no look at my left knee it’s looks so gross!” and then you have to take another one. This happens several times before a pic is posted and they’re not nearly as self-absorbed as you. So you want me to believe that you missed the glaring nipple in your IG pic? No chance. You want attention, you got it, but don’t try telling me this was an accident.



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PS – Get a fucking haircut. You look like Lloyd Christmas.


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