People Need To Stop Pretending Weird Al Is Good Before I Lose My Mind



So I guess Weird Al released a new CD this week. Personally, I didn’t know the guy was alive, but the internet has been going NUTS. He’s been releasing a new song every day or something and every time it’s easily the most viral video of the day. He’s got parodies of Fancy and Royals some other shit and people are loving it. What fucking planet am I on? Weird Al is funny? Who is buying this stuff? I haven’t even considered listening to a Weird Al song since I was in about the 4th grade singing Amish Paradise. I thought maybe I was missing out on something so I just listened to these two songs and they’re AWFUL. Not funny, not clever, obviously not good singing. So I don’t get what the hullaballoo is all about? Is this just childhood nostalgia making people pretend that this shit is good? Like how we pretend everything was better in the 90’s even though it obviously wasn’t? Because this shit SUCKS and everyone needs to stop pretending it doesn’t. Looking at you, KFC.