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Hope You Didn't Think Your Sexts Were Private Because All The Nerds At The NSA Pass Them Around to Each Other



(Source)Exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden has given a rare interview to the Guardian, discussing—amongst other issues—a shocking culture at the National Security Agency (NSA) of sharing “sexually compromising” images of people. During the interview, Snowden also opined on the challenges facing journalism today, and the difficulty for ageing legislators trying to understand technology, which he described as “probably the most important factor that explains failures of oversight.”



Here’s what I don’t get about people who become upset when they hear that their privacy has been “violated” due to some leaked nudes or the NSA whacking off to their pics… who gives a FUCK? Honestly, if you’ve ever sent a sext, it’s the best you’re ever going to look. You take 100 different pics before you send it for a reason. When you hit send on a sext, that’s not a picture of you, that’s a picture of the movie star who would play you in a movie. The light is just so, so that it looks like you’re ripped. The camera is angled at a point so your dick looks 3 inches bigger than it is, or if you’re a girl so that your ass/tits look way bigger than they are. If someone sees that who fucking cares? Snowden is telling me that some hot little nerd chick used to get her rocks off to my sexts in the NSA bathroom? Fucking good! Why is this something that people would care about? It baffles me. When you send a sext you are looking the best you could ever possibly look, why wouldn’t you want people to see it?