Dude Complains About A Cockroach In His Salad So The Waitress Is All "What? It's Fine. Here Watch, I'll Eat It."


(Source)Businessman Zhang Yen called over Jin Kuo after finding the bug in his salad. The 39-year-old waitress told him such discovery was perfectly common, and there was nothing to worry about. When he sarcastically asked if she fancied tucking into the insect, she scooped it off his plate and gulped it down.



Love this move from Jin Kuo here. You ever have eating with your friend and you see him drop half a sandwich then pick it up and start to walk to the barrel when you’re like “whooooaaaaa buddy, where you doing with that? Bring it over here, I’ll take care of it.” Kind of the same thing only instead of a few germs being avoided with the 5 second rule you’re dealing with a live insect. Six in one, half dozen in the other. It’s still food that was going to go to waste but you’re hungry so you get it now. A live cockroach is just some exotic grub, sorry if you’re not cultured enough to appreciate that, Zhang Yen.