Love This Chick Straight Up Owning The Lawn At Aerosmith Last Night

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The lawn at the Comcast/Tweeter Center… never know what’s going to happen there, it’s the Wild Wild West. It’s where you can suck face, as an 18 year old, with a woman who was no less than 55 during a Jimmy Buffett concert. It’s where you can hook up with a chick in the bushes at an OAR show and two days later have her come out of the closet as a lesbian (turning a girl gay is one of my all-time greatest feats). And, it’s where you can watch a chick barrel roll down the lawn, with scarves tied around her knees that I’m pretty sure she just stole from Steven Tyler, like that’s some form of acceptable dance. What I’m saying is that the lawn at Tweeter is a strange, beautiful place and I pity you if you’ve never experienced it.




h/t Rachel