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How Much Longer Until The NCAA Bans Coaches Making TikTok's With Players?

I'm a Cincinnati hater. Scratch that. I'm a proud Cincinnati hater. I've never hated a coach more than I have ever hated Mick Cronin. That ginger made my skin BOIL when he was at Cincinnati. The benefit of that hate came via Cincinnati being an absolute joke anytime they got into the NCAA Tournament. Their football team definitely has an edge over UConn, but their greatest season in years resulted in a **checks notes** Birmingham Bowl berth against Boston College this year.

All that being said, this TikTok of Luke Fickell is great. Coaches doing TikTok's with players (or recruits) will be phenomenal content. Imagine Coach O dancing with a recruit? Gold. However, I can only imagine how fast the NCAA is going to shut this down. Why? It's too much fun and we know the NCAA hates that word. Back to being amateurs, kids.