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Did This Thirst Trap From B.F.W. Just Break The Internet, AGAIN?!

Holy fuck folks, as the 1st to report live from the scene in HQ3 I can CONFIRM... it is a scorching inferno of red hot flesh here, all thanks to my BFF B.F.W. breaking the internet YET AGAIN today. Here's the progress he's made since Miami so far, brick by brick:

So has the pupil already surpassed the teacher? TBD but it has been quite the journey for Brandon F. Walker from Mississippi to this moment, and not a soul out there can say he didn't put in the hard work to earn it. In only a few short months, he's gone from the Thirst Trap apprentice to Fuck Fest MASTER in an absolute flash.

And we're quickly approaching UNLIMITED POWER territory if he's gonna keep dropping Mt. Pompeii FIRE FLAMES like this... 

I don't have a single photoshop skill but BAH GAWD someone needs to put BFW's face on that muscle man ASAP. Sure it may belittle his brand to crop his essence onto such a puny excuse for a male body, a frame barely worthy of true Mississippi machismo, but I'd still love to see it.

BFW FUCKS, plain and simple folks. 

Now in the meantime I'm gonna go take a cold shower, call my grandmother, and think about spring training for a solid 4 hours. Goddamn you Brandon Walker, you sexy beautiful sonofbitch. 

(FYI I am not literally calling your mother a bitch though please don't hurt me)