According To One Stripper, Drake Is A Big Fan Of The Rim Job

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(MTO) — I know you probably have women writing in talking about sex with rappers and athletes all the time, but this is my experience with Drake. We met through mutual friends, and we hung out a few times before he finally decided to give me the d*ck. It was at his house in California. It was really far from the club, maybe like 45 minutes, in the middle of nowhere. But every house in his neighborhood is a mansion. Him and his boys brought me and a few girls back after a night at [LA CLUB]. As soon as we walked in the door, it was like we entered the White House. Security was tight, he made all of us give up our cellphones and sign a contract. Then a security man took a photo of our drivers licenses. MTO I ain’t never seen nothing like that. We all were drinking and smoking, and Drake took me to his room – which was GIGANTIC. He took off all his clothes, and mine and laid me down and started eating me. His d*ck is not really big, but it’s THICK. I must have c*me like 3 times while he was doing it. On after the other, after the other. I have had my box eaten hundreds of times, but no one has EVER done it like Drake. He has a real talent. His tongue went from p*zzy to butt, back to p*zzy. I think I c*me out of both. He then laid on his back and was like “My Turn.” MTO I was ready to suck the OXYGEN outta him and I did. After a few minutes he started pushing my head down, towards his b*lls. I sucked on them for a while and he pushed me down FURTHER to his butt hole. I never did that before, but it was Drake do I’m not gonna lie I did it. It was weird eating a man’s butt like that, but I’m a freak, and it was Drake LOL. He was laying there on the bed with his leg spread open and my face in his butt and his legs shaking. I wish I had a camera and could see what was happening from far back. But MTO, my review of Drake is incomplete cause I never really got the d*ck. I’m embarrassed to say it, but Drake enjoyed getting his butt ate so much that he n*tted. All over my new weave. I can’t really complain though cause the man has a tongue of GOLD and I already got 3 nuts.




Media Take Out is notorious for fake stories, so take this with a grain of salt, but if it’s true… kind of a boss move, right? Like if you get a rimjob from a chick you kind of know you’re king of the world. Most guys spend hours trying to get a girl to talk to them. Then they spend three dates paying for dinner hoping she’ll enter his apartment. Then, when they get to doing sex, we hope on a prayer that she’ll be nice enough to give at least a bit of a blowjob. It’s a multi-week process trying to see a boob. Not Drake though. Just takes a chick into his house, says sign this and give me your phone then it’s on. Just keeps pushing her head down furtherrr furtherrrrrrr no not the balls furtherrrrr… that’ssssss the spot. Kinda weird, kinda foreign, but also kinda boss.


PS – The one reason I believe this is because of the line “He nutted. All over my weave.” Such a stripper thing to say, can’t make that up.



PPS – I like how Media Take Out is classy enough to not say words like dick or pussy or come. Sure they printed a story about Drake getting his ass eaten, but they did it in a dignified manner.