A Woman With Terminal Cancer Decided To Leave Her Husband So She Could Have A Better Dick Before She Died

(Source)--The series follows the wild sexcapades of Boyer’s best friend, Molly, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal breast cancer at 41.

Upon receiving the devastating news, Molly — who’d battled breast cancer once before, in 2011 — leaves her unsatisfying marriage to explore her sexuality and fuel her dwindling vitality.

“Sexually, we had difficulties before cancer came along [the first time],” Molly, whose last name is being withheld for privacy reasons, says of her marriage. “Right before I got diagnosed, I was kind of looking to recharge our sex life . . . and then cancer showed up.”

Well...this..this is something. All things considered this has to be the WORST conversation imaginable. 

Wife: Honey, I've got bad news

Husband: What's is it? What's wrong?

Wife: I've got cancer

Husband: Oh my god. I am so sorry. I will do anything I can to help you

Wife: Okay, great. I am leaving you

Husband: What? Why?

Wife: So I can get properly fucked


Finding out your wife is dying, you're in a loveless marriage, and your dick game sucks in a matter of sentences. That is a trifecta of bad news right in your face and you know what....there's nothing you can do about it. Your wife wants dick and your dick sucks well you are morally obligated to let her find the good dick. If she were a kid and wanted to ride Space Mountain the Make-A-Wish foundation or some other charity would rightfully make it happen. Your wife wants an adult ride of her life before she goes, or wants to take a lot of different rides, then, well...tough shit man. Let her get that good dick before she dies and honestly. If Bill Clinton can get blowjobs to treat his anxiety then a woman with stage four cancer can absolutely go nuts when she knows the clock is ticking. Have experiences. And this is coming from a guy who knows his dick stinks. If I am in this position I think I just tip my hat, wish her luck, and promptly call a therapist.