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Justice: The Ice Cream Licker Is Going To Jail For 30 Days...But There's A Twist

ABC 30 - The man seen on video licking a tub of ice cream at a Walmart in Port Arthur, Texas, will spend 30 days in jail for the act.

D'Adrien Anderson was seen in a video in August 2019 opening the container, licking the ice cream and putting it back in the freezer. 

Justice at last! We see gross videos like this all the time, most recently that remoron who was eating the soup straight out of the kettle

I'm not sure if I used the word "kettle" correctly there but I like the sound of it so we'll go with it.

But anywho, this guy D'Adrien Anderson licked the ice cream all in the name of Facebook likes. Seriously. And now he's going to jail for 30 days because of it. Sounds fair, right?


But there's a twist that I did not see coming....

He ended up buying that exact product, the store confirmed.

Walmart says surveillance video also showed Anderson taking the ice cream and purchasing it.

He and his father also returned to Walmart to show officers his receipt for the ice cream.

Hmmmmm. That makes me question everything if we're being honest here. I think he does deserve some sort of punishment for being a ding dong brains, but he bought that ice cream tub he licked so technically nobody got hurt here. 30 days in jail for licking ice cream seems a bit harsh, no? 

Plus additional punishment as well:

Along with the jail time, he will be required to complete 100 hours of community service and pay a fine of $1,000.

He honest to goodness must have had the worst lawyer EVER. Jail time, community service, and a fine. Damn. I am all about sending a message and making an example out of someone, but I'm going to be realistic, nobody should get 30 days in jail for licking an ice cream and then buying it. It's just common sense. We're talking JAIL! That's where we send the rapists and the murderers (shout out FTT), not ice cream eaters. Whoever represented him should have to turn in their lawyer badge. If you can't keep a guy out of jail for something like this, you are worthless.

But hey, lesson learned. Don't even joke about doing gross shit like this "for Facebook likes" and you won't have to worry about it. Still though, JAIL? Yikes.