Floyd Mayweather Having No Clue Who Ronda Rousey Is Has To Be My Favorite Video of the Week


Smitty blogged this yesterday, but I had to reblog it because it’s my favorite video of the week so far. I literally almost cummed myself watching this. Just such a slap in the face to Dana White and Ronda Rousey in light of those ridiculous comments that Rousey would beat Mayweather in fight. I’m not even going to get into that again because it’s literally the dumbest thing any human has ever said, but this is the PERFECT response. There is just nothing that knocks a person down to size faster than legimatly having no idea who somebody is. It’s the ultimate insult. And Floyd clearly wasn’t trying to brag or be rude here. Ronda Rousy is a nobody and he doesn’t deal with nobodys. #moneyteam