Adam Wainwright Admitting He Grooved A Pitch To Jeter Totally Defeats The Purpose of Grooving A Pitch to Jeter


Dutch Kincaid dgpRow2




Yeah I know both Trent and Nate already blogged this.  Both of them pretty much had the same take.   That this was some shocking admission and it should never happened because the game matters blah, blah, blah.  Umm hey idiots you’re missing the point here.  What type of asshole is Adam Wainwright?   Yeah no shit you grooved it you dink.   Everybody knows that.   That’s what you do.   What you don’t do is then run to the media and tell everybody you grooved it afterwards.  It defeats the whole point of throwing a meatball in the first place.  Did Wainwright not get that memo?   Like it kind of ruins it when you give up a double and then 2 seconds later say you let him hit a double off you.  Absolute cocksucker move.