Are Boom Boom And Will Middlebrooks Secretly Angling For A Reality TV Show?


Are Will Middlebrooks and Boom Boom secretly angling for a reality TV show or something? Just seems strange that she’d put this seemingly private moment on her public youtube page? More importantly did they fuck before this party? If not this is a MONSTER mistake by Will. Because if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. Proposal sex is just about the best sex in the game. Better than wedding night sex. If you don’t propose in a place where you can pretty much fuck ASAP you’re doing it way wrong. Especially when Jenny is throwing around those white pants like it’s nobody’s business.

PS – Yes Boom Boom is basically still dead to me till she comes on the Rundown. Supposedly it’s happening, but she’s harder to book than Belichick, Mark Cuban, Rob Gronkowski, Andy Roddick, Charissa Thompson and Katie Nolan combined. Only person who is harder to book than Dell is SVP. Read into that whatever you will.