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Luka Magic Is Real And It's Spectacular

By now we know that pretty much every time Luka steps on the court he's going to accomplish something ridiculous in terms of both NBA history and Mavs history and last night was no different. At just 22 years old and in only 122 games he became the all time leader in triple doubles for the Mavs. The shit he is doing on a nightly basis has really only been done by the legends of the game and honestly he's a title and MVP away from being in the conversation of the best Mav of all time. I won't speak for Mavs fans because I know it's sacrilegious to suggest that could be anyone other than Dirk, but I mean come on. Look at what we are witnessing here. If he one day brings them a title and wins MVP and keeps up this level of production I feel like that's a no brainer.

Before we dive into last night and why it was pretty important, let's first relive the highlights so you can an idea of just how dominant Luka was last night

OK so the 7 TOs weren't great, but when it came time for someone to step up and seal this win, Luka went up a level. He was cooking All NBA defender Jrue Holiday like it was nothing, came through in big moments and completely took over late in the fourth and in OT. Franchise player like you read about. I think what makes Luka so fun to watch is he never looks rushed or panicked. Everything he does is in slow motion yet nobody can stop it. That's a guy who has a great feel for the game which is impressive as hell at just 22 years old. I know the Pelicans aren't the most impressive defensive team, but Jrue Holiday sure is a legit defender and it didn't matter. What's insane is he's this dominant and he sneaky can't even really shoot all that efficiently yet. That's absolutely terrifying. 

As awesome as Luka was though, that's just half of the story of this game and honestly the Mavs stretch run/postseason. We cannot ignore what a healthy Porzingis is doing

It might be time to start to talk about the Mavs as a legit potential problem in the West. I mean they have the #1 offense in basketball and the 6th best net rating. If they can figure out how to defend a little better, this team can absolutely make some noise. As of today they sit just 2.5 games out of the 4 seed. That's not all that crazy of a gap especially if Luka and Porzingis are going to gel like they have been. Porzingis has come back and been even better than he was as a Knick, which make that trade look even worse for the Knicks unfortunately. 

But back to Luka. Watching him and Zion go head to head and be that exciting has to give Adam Silver a massive erection. The future of the NBA looks brighter than ever with Luka/Zion/Tatum/Trae etc all being this good at such a young age. The Luka Magic is real and it seems crazy but it's going to get even better. Imagine what he looks like when he's like…..25. Scary shit.