Barstool Pizza Review - Nantucket Dreamland Theater With Coach Belichick

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First things first.  Yeah I know the film quality wasn’t the best.   It was dark and loud.   What do you want me to say?  I did the best I could with what I was working with.  You never know when a pizza review is gonna strike so I made the best of it.  Also there was lots of chatter that my 7.4 was way too high for the Nantucket Dreamland Theater pizza. I admit this could be true because if we’re being honest I was a little bit nervous since I just had met Coach. If we did this Pizza review after we spent the night gallivanting about town, swapping war stories, and gossiping like school girls I would have probably done things different.

Regardless I’m not really sure you take Belichick’s score super serious either. He said he hated it before he even tried it and when I asked him what his favorite pizza place was in Boston was he didn’t really have an answer.  He just kept saying he likes thick doughy pizza.  So I’m not sure he’s a pizza genius. Football genius yes. Pizza genious no. That title stays with me.

PS – I know what everybody is thinking. Hey Pres how did you break the ice with Coach? Simple. This was my opening line.


No joke. He laughed for like 5 minutes. From there it was all ice cream.  He knew I was a “Do Your Job” type of guy and was part of the gang…






Weird Tidbit of the Night - Coach has an iphone and only has 1 app on it.  It’s the flashlight and he uses the shit out of it.   I’m talking Linda couldn’t even think of looking at her menu without Bill riding in on his white horse and flashing his iphone flashlight on the menu for her to read.   How gallant is that?