And The Sucking Of Lebron's Dick For Going Back To Cleveland Has Already Begun



Well that didn’t take long huh? Seriously somebody get me a barrel so I can puke in it. This is exactly what I knew was gonna happen and exactly why he chose to go back. And yes I saw Lebron’s letter he wrote about why he went back to Cleveland. Thing was fucking exquisite. An absolute masterpiece. One of the best letters written by anybody in the history of anything. I’m talking Declaration of Independence, MLK Speech and Bron Bron’s letter. So if anybody knows who wrote that thing I’d love to offer him a full time job as our Cleveland blogger because they fucking nailed it. They laid out every reason why Bron Bron shouldn’t have left in the first place and why everybody hated him for the Decision. But if you’re buying the fact that a 25 year old man didn’t know right from wrong back then and needed 4 years in South Beach to grow up and that’s a reason to give him a free pass I got a closet full of Ball Don’t Lie shirts to sell you. Bottomline is he fucked Cleveland in the ass and now he wants to act like it never happened and be called a hero for coming back. Good luck to ya. The poor people of Cleveland may be dumb enough to fall for it, but not me.