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You Are HIGH OFF YOUR ASS If You Think Teddy Bridgewater Was "Good" In 2015

Today Chief and I wanted to turn each other's faces into catcher's mitts today.  Why you ask?  We were arguing about Teddy Bridgewater.  

Now this is a two part argument that started on Red Line Radio yesterday.  Unsubscribe, resubscribe, rate 5 stars and review, thx.  


So the original question was "who would Bears fans rather have, Bridgewater or Trubisky?" Obviously Bears fans are done with the Trubisky experiment so we were shuffling potential QBs in and out and talking about whether or not we'd want them leading the Bears in the 2020-21 season. Everyone but me said that they'd rather have Teddy Bridgewater than Mitch Trubisky.  Looking back I now amend that stance and say I'd rather have Bridgewater.  Again, I have NO PROBLEM admitting when I'm wrong if I'm ya know... wrong.  In this case I probably am, even though I'm basing this change of mind off Bridgewater's 2019-20 second half running Sean Payton's offense with the best WR in football to throw to.

Argument over.  We are all in agreement.  

Now on the way to work today I was thinking about the exact comment Chief made that "Bridgewater had that one good year in Minnesota" to which I said, "He was trash in Minnesota".... because in my opinion, he was.  

This is the comment I am nitpicking:

And I brought it up to him as soon as I walked in the door because I received a DM from a listener that Chief's argument that he was "good that one year in Minnesota" was stupid.  That's where we both flew off the handle, because Chief says "NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR DMs".  Uhhhh I'm just saying that I have people in agreement with me that he was NOT good in 2015.  Sorry for doing market research to support my point.   

Again - we both agreed that we'd rather have Bridgewater over Mitch at this point in time, but I thought his comment to defend WHY he'd rather have Bridgewater over Mitch was a fucking dog shit one.  He was NEVER "good" (Chief's adjective) in Minnesota, not in 2015, not ever.  Sure he was young as fuck, had a good to very good defense, AP, and untapped potential with the arrow pointing up, but he still wasn't "good".  Not one year there.  

Here is a screen shot of his Pro Football Reference page from his time in Minne:

2015 was the specific season we were arguing about THIS MORNING.  Chief said that I was arguing the wrong point because the original question was "who would you rather have?"  That particular question ended when we all eventually said Bridgewater.  That's when I shifted the conversation to his idiotic comment about Bridgewater's 2015 season being a "good" one.  There are the stats, you all can tell me if it was good or not.  I'm of the opinion that 14 TDs in 16 games is NOT a good year, not for a young QB, not for anyone.  Chief is trying to argue semantics like leading the team to the playoffs (which is obviously good), managing the offense, blah blah blah.  He still wasn't "good", he just wasn't horrific I suppose.  There is 100% a difference.  It's not black and white. 

But then I asked him, and mind you this is when we were screaming at each other off camera as I walked into the office today so there isn't visual proof, if that means Mitch's 2018-19 season was good.  He said it was not.  Here are his stats as a 2nd year starter, just like Bridgewater was in 2015:

24 TD passes to Bridgewater's 14, higher completion %, higher passer rating, about the same passing yards, same wins in 2 LESS games started.  And let's not forget Trubisky's 400+ rushing yards to Bridgewater's ~200. 

It sickens me that I have to defend Mitch Trubisky at this point, but Chief has me doing so because if Bridgewater's 2015 season was "good" (his words), then so was Mitch's 2018-19 season.  The numbers don't lie.  

THAT was what we were arguing at this point, but Chief says we weren't.  In no way, shape or form was Teddy Bridgewater's 2015 season "good".  If you're arguing that you'd rather have him over Trubisky because of "he had that one good year in 2015" your argument sucks.  

But he kept trying to shift back to the original question which we all fucking answered and then moved on from.  It's maddening and now you all have to read about my frustration in blog form.  I'm sure he'll have a rebuttal that I'm simple minded, can't argue, that I shift things around to advance my agenda and all a bunch of things NOT relevant to the argument just to advance HIS agenda. Teddy Bridgewater's 2015 season wasn't good and Chief thinks it was.  He's wrong.  

That's the end of it.  That's all it boils down to.