Condom Dresses Coming In Hot As The Must-Have Piece Of Clothing For Chicks

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The Gloss- It’s not the most conventional of materials, but these dresses are gorgeous enough to be worn on the red carpet. Seriously. When I first heard that artist and social activist Adriana Bertini was creating dresses made out of condoms, I pictured a naked person wearing a single human-size condom over their entire body. I definitely didn’t imagine anything that would ever be considered wearable or remotely fashionable. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the artist’s work. These are sophisticated gowns that have been featured in exhibitions, at International AIDS conferences and even on the runway. A drunken art project this is not. The dresses are part of the Brazilian-based artist’s Condom Couture project, which aims to raise awareness on safe sex and HIV/STIs. She uses expired or defective condoms, which don’t meet quality control standards, and turns them into dresses in the hopes that they will break down taboos and get people talking about condoms and sexual health. As part of the project, Bertini also runs workshops where she shows students how to cut, dye, sew and transform condoms into pretty gowns while opening up a discussion about them.

Love it.  Absolutely love it.  I’ll love any idea that makes it easier for guys to determine at the bar which girls are DTF and which girls aren’t.  It’s the hardest thing in the world to do and it’s the thing that confuses men the most.  You’ll approach a girl at the bar in a tight dress and whose boobs are all over the place and she’ll shut you down and look at you like you’re a goddamn psycho for even thinking about it (this might also happen to me because I look like, well, you know what I look like).  It’s very confusing.  It’s a paradox.  You dress one way but act another.  Dave Chappelle has a great bit about it.  “Just because I’m dressed this way, does not make me a whore!”  It’s exactly that.  He nailed it.  Women dressing like sex machines and then acting disrespected when they get approached by guys.  Well these condom dresses just changed all of that in a heart beat.  If a girl is wearing a condom dress, she’s looking for a sexual partner.  Why else would someone wear a piece of clothing covered in condoms?  Exactly.  They wouldn’t.  And promoting safe, non-STD sex at the same which is even better.  Killing two birds with one stone here.  I couldn’t be a bigger fan of this idea.

Just listen to Chappelle.