Turns Out That The Most Unstoppable Athlete Of A Generation Is A Lacrosse Player And Oh How The Haters Must Be Furious

Too Big, Too Strong, Too Fast, Too Good!

My goodness. How do you stop this man? Trick question because the answer is that you simply cannot. How do you stop someone who is that much bigger than you? How do you stop someone whose hands are that much better than yours? How do you stop someone who can run you over, stop on the dime, and then swim you so hard that you get washed out to sea for the rest of eternity? Again, you simply cannot. 

At the beginning of the clip when the big fella was just walking down the alley I thought to myself, "okay. This is a pretty funny clip of a kid who is comically larger than the other kid defending him and he'll probably just waltz all the way to the cage". But once this animal got himself moving? LORDY. The goliath has some moves on him. The body craves contact. And if for some reason you make the ill-advised decision to stay on your feet after this legend tries to run straight through you, then have fun getting swam harder than a Michael Phelps 4x100m. And then the backhanded shovel pass to the crease to cap it all off was just *chef's kiss*. We're witnessing the GOAT here, people. The haters are furious but there's not a damn thing they can do about it now. Sport of the Future is taking over. 

P.S. - Before you comment, I'm willing to bet our guy over here has done more physical activity than you have in the past week.