Brady Coming in Only 3rd on the NFL's Top 100 List is the Greatest Miscarriage of Justice in History

Brady Top100

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I know these lists are designed to generate controversy during the slow parts of the sports calendar.  And that if I had a brain in my head I’d leave this one alone and let it lay there like an unexploded IED.  But I can’t.  I just can’t resist the urge to put on the body armor and climb into the Hurt Locker with this one.  That said… Third?  Tom Brady is the THIRD best player in the NFL behind Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson?  I suppose given the fact all we’re hearing is how his window his closing and his skills are in decline and even some ESPN slapdick from Dublin saying he sucks now because he was 28th in the league in the all-important Completion Percentage Under Pressure stat,  I should be satisfied with No. 3.  Maybe I should just accept that he made the medal stand and be happy.  Like a room without a roof.  But I will not stand here and let this injustice go unanswered.

For starters let me say I don’t give a dusty fuck about Megatron on this list. These rankings love to celebrate skill position guys but like I’ve said before, wide receiver is the most overvalued position in all of sports. Yes, he put up great individual numbers.  But for all of Johnson’s brilliance, the Lions were 13th in the league in points, went 7-9, finished 3rd in a weak division which makes him a non-factor.

No, my beef is with The Forehead finishing two spots ahead of Brady given what they each accomplished last year.  I mean, watch that video.  Listen to what Brady’s peers say about him.  Atlanta’s Roddy White could not have been more spot on than saying Brady could take the random dude jogging down the street, put pads and a helmet on him, ask him to run an in-cut and hit him in stride.  Or the Bills’ Kyle Williams when he says he’ll do anything it takes to win, even if that means running the ball 50 times.  Do you think anyone’s ever said that about Paymeaton in his entire career? Sure, the Thumb-Headed Goober broke every record in the books.  Big whoop.  Compare their two receiving corps.  Brady was missing Gronk for most of the year, not one of his rookies finished the season, and his go-to guy was a 7th round college quarterback. Manning was dealt a straight flush and Brady was winning pots with a pair of 6s.  And still he led the league with 5 comeback wins.  Against New Orleans getting the ball with 1:13 left and down 4, he completed balls to Austin frigging Collie and threw the game winner to Kenbrell goddamned Thompkins.  Think Manning has ever had to do likewise?  Brady was down 24-0 against Denver in the “Take the Wind” game and still won.  Is there a man, woman or child among us who thinks Peyton could have done that given what Brady had to work with?  It’s like Schopenhauer said: “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.”  Brady is the kind of genius who won 13 games and got to the AFCCG with targets no other quarterback could possibly see, much less hit.  And that genius deserves to be No. 1 or this list is pure bullshit.  So mission accomplished, NFL Network.  But as long as you keep planting these roadside bombs, I’ll be here defusing them.  Hoo-rah.  @JerryThornton1