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Mailtime Monologue - I Love Larry David For The Jets Fan Suicide Joke On The Latest Episode Of Curb


In recent months I've gotten a chance to do a handful of solo radio shows and every time I always get pretty good feedback. And being the sports talk junkie, radio nerd that I am, I like the challenge. So I decided going forward every week I'm gonna open up Mailtime with a solo segment just riffing on whatever topic strikes me this week. You'll obviously be able to hear it on the podcast (Subscribe here and please please please rate and review. We got such a great outpouring of support when it first launched and I'd like to keep that going) but we'll also be posting video of these monologues to the KFC Radio youtube channel. I'm going to be working on some medium length video content thats perfect for the Youtube platform to accompany all the clips of our interviews and any other original video coming out of the KFC Radio camp. Gonna organize it all by playlists of each different show so there will be plenty to watch if you're into KFC Radio and consume a lot of youtube content. 

The first edition of this idea couldnt be more perfect. Larry David dropped a new episode of Curb in which one of his friends kills himself and Larry says its because of the Jets and the Knicks. Its the PERFECT episode for anyone who A) suffers through life rooting for the Mets/Jets/Knicks, and B) Anyone who appreciates aggressive humor. As a dude who has dealt with these God awful franchises for 35 years, and as a guy who loves a well placed "KYS" joke, the story line in this week's Curb was perfection. Standing up for all the tortured Jets fans, and all the comedy fans who like some dark, clearly exaggerated humor. Larry David is for the PEOPLE! Thank you Larry. 

Check back next week for another opener on Mailtime and make sure you subscribe to the Youtube page. Even if you're not overly active on there, all it takes is a gmail login to be able to subscribe. So help a brotha out and check out the channel.