Poor Paul Might Have Had The Worst Jeopardy Answer Of All Time

Listen I don't want to step on anyone's blogging toes because I know there are some Jeopardy die hards here, but it's halftime of the Celts game and this came across my timeline and I couldn't help myself. Personally I've never been a big Jeopardy guy, mostly because I'm dumb and never know any of the answers. My brother is into it because he's an intellectual or some shit, but for me it's never been my cup of tea. I have enough reminders in my life that it probably wasn't the best idea to spend all your precious brain real estate on stupid obscure Celtics stats but that's the path I have chosen. But what I do enjoy is clips like these when these super smart people are given a sports question, especially one as easy as this only to fail miserably. It's not their fault, but it will always get a chuckle out of me.

Take this poor bastard Paul. I don't know how much easier it could get with a question like this. Joel Embiid is EVERYWHERE, even if you're not exactly the biggest NBA guy. Its "Process" this and "Process" that you can't escape it. So to come to the table with the upmost confidence and throw out a Joel "Do A 180" Embiid is fantastic. You know what, the more I think about it Joel Embiid might have to make this his new nickname. What has the Process ever done for him? Lose every year in the second round and be a current 6 seed this year? Might be time to change it up and "Do A 180" could be the thing that finally gets them to stop being so terrible this year and get over the hump. 

Also, notice how nobody else on that panel wanted to touch that question? Must be so weird to be smart and use your brain for actual knowledge. Couldn't be me.