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The Absolute Best Bank Robbery Video Of All Time - 77 Year Old Florida Man With A Walker Robs Bank For $130


Florida – An elderly Florida man was tasered after he tried to make a very slow getaway following an alleged bank robbery in Boynton Beach. Russell Cooper was at a PNC Bank attempting to withdraw money when he became “increasingly agitated” after a manager told him a “consistent lack of funds” had led his account to be closed. The 77-year-old then pulled out a pocketknife and demanded the manager help him get the $130 he had requested, the Sun-Sentinel reported. After getting the money, Cooper attempted to escape using his walker while holding the manager hostage at knifepoint. Police arrived on the scene and told Cooper to drop the knife. “I’m not dropping it, I’m going to stick it in your [expletive] gut. I’m going to stab you if you don’t shoot me,” Cooper allegedly said, according to CBS 12. While Cooper continued to argue with the officer, a second officer approached him from behind and tasered him. He was taken to Palm Beach County jail and charged with armed robbery and kidnapping.

Link to video because it’s autoplay.

That was maybe the cutest video I’ve ever seen. It was adorable how they let the old man rob the bank. The guy at the bank pretending to be held hostage by the knife was classic. Just a feel good story, really. It’s like when football teams let the special player on the other team score a touchdown on Senior Day. Just a moving, touching moment. The way the bank teller handed him $130 almost made me shed a tear. I was like “He did it! He really did it!”! And they let him walk all the way out of the bank before the police tasered his old ass and threw his wrinkly balls into jail. Just like a real bank robbery. Really just the way I needed to end the day on a high note.