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Wtf Is Wrong With Eating Soup Straight From The Ladle At Mariano's?

Eddie and I got lunch together today.  Now in case you don't know, Ed and I butt heads quite a bit when it comes to food.  He has the WORST taste of all time when it comes to anything you put in your mouth, particularly hot dogs.  Kid couldn't pick out a good hot dog if a hot dog shoved itself in his face.  

Anyways.... he picked where we went to lunch today.  Have 2 radio shows and a podcast to record so we were in a bit of a time crunch.  My choice, in light of it being Casimir Pulaski week, was to go to a Polish deli called "Kasia's" that is right next to Mariano's.  Eddie?  He wanted to hit up the hot bar at Mariano's.

Well I take exception to what type of food I consume.  I don't just jump around all nimbly bimbly eating grocery store buffet food from tree to tree.  Now mind you, I am super worried about contracting the Coronavirus because I have an intense fear of food born illness.  I figured if there was anything that wasn't going to at best make me shit my brains out and at worst make me turn into a flesh eating zombie, it was Mariano's soup.

So I tried it out.

Nothing big, just a simple swig from the ladle.  Eddie chastised me up and down the block the entire walk back to the office.  To this very moment I don't understand what his issue is, we're in the midst of an international and fast spreading pandemic and I had to test the fucking soup for it.  So what's the crime?  I have an immune system handcrafted by god himself so it's not like I'd be getting anyone else sick, especially Eddie who opted for 5 dried out chicken tenders while not even touching any of the soup.

What a fucking idiot Eddie is.  He's even dumber than the world's biggest MAGA fan William LeGate who decided to chime in with his $0.02 that he definitely didn't get from Andrew Yang's $1000/month for all plan:

Speak when spoken to, LeGate.  I will say this though, "scoundrel" is an A+ way to call someone disgusting.

But that's all I gotta say about that.  Eddie can fuck himself though.  Fucking moron