The Associated Press Twitter Account Learns A Harsh Lesson In Phrasing And Commas

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Yikes.  Here’s a harsh lesson in proof reading your tweets before sending them out.  Especially when the tweet is regarding a horrific tragedy that recently took place.  But hey, when you have 3.54 million followers who’s going to notice a little blip like this?  So you phrased a tweet that made it seem like the plane carrying bodies from a plane crash also crashed, what’s the big deal?  Everybody.  Everybody notices.  The irony is that this is such a sensitive topic (for good reason, obviously) the guy running the AP Twitter account probably stared at that tweet for a solid 20 minutes to make sure it was okay before sending it out.  You try so hard to avoid saying the wrong thing and then that’s exactly what ends up happening.


There ya go.

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