Alex Trebek Gave Everyone A One-Year Update On His Cancer Treatment As Well As A Whole Lot Of Inspiration

That's my motherfucking gameshow GOAT. I have been an Alex Trebek fan for as long as I can remember just because I enjoyed hearing him occasionally get sassy with a fancy accent, ether a clueless contestant, or just MC Jeopardy flawlessly. But what he is doing now is so much bigger than hosting Jeopardy. He is the face of the battle against pancreatic cancer and simply making a video as candid yet inspirational as this for people battling the same unknown and long odds as him is bigger than any having all the answers to a game. 

There are nights where you can hear the struggle in Alex's voice, which always hits me and I imagine millions of others directly in the soul. But hearing him say he is still fighting a year later despite the pain and having less than a 1 in 5 chance of surviving actually hammers home just how tough he has been. So keep doing the damn thing Alex, we'll be rooting for you and all the other people battling this bitch of a disease every step along the way.

#GoTrebekGo #FuckCancer