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We Need To Respect Shaq For Growing Out His Flow And Letting That Lettuce Rage

Being a total flowbot is just as much about living the lifestyle as it is about having a deliciously crunchy bowl of salad on top of your head. I mean lettuce is lettuce, sure, there's nothing denying that. But what good is all of that arugula gonna do for you if you have the personality of some chopped up iceberg out of a bag?

There's certainly a minimum hair length that should automatically qualify you for being inducted into the flowbot society, but I think there should also be some honorary members given that status as well. And Shaquille O'Neal deserves that recognition. 

Is his hair going to be flowing in the wind? For sure not. Does he have luscious locks lightly cascading down his next? Def not. Can he give it a good flip when it's wet and it all ever so gently just falls right back into place? Not a chance. But who gives a damn because this is what the flow life is all about. It's about putting the scissors away and just letting that salad rage. Not everybody is going to be on the first team All Hockey Hair squad but I'll give Shaq an honorable mention vote here for sure. He's a beautician through and through.