Report: The Coronavirus Could End Up Killing Baby Yoda

CNN- Hasbro, the maker of several "Star Wars" Baby Yoda toys set to hit stores later this year, confirmed last week that its supply chain is being disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus disruptions haven't hurt production of Baby Yoda toys yet, according to industry expert Jim Silver, CEO of Toys, Tots, Pets & More, a toy industry review website. Silver said he spoke with sources inside the Chinese factories that Hasbro works with.

But Silver said the situation could soon change for the worse -- and not just for Baby Yoda. "If things aren't normal by the time June and July roll around, there will be shortages on a litany of toys," Silver told CNN Business.

How is THAT for some headlining? Eat your heart out Clickbait Smit! 

Don't worry Star Wars fans, Baby Yo remains safe. For now. However if the Coronavirus ever makes an appearance in a galaxy far, far away, Baby Yo may be in trouble since I'm not sure if his healing powers work against brand new diseases and I don't think Mando is going to do the hand washing or general safety precautions necessary to keep his little green friend alive considering he almost got that little green pile of adorableness killed multiple times last season. I gave Mado a C- grade as a surrogate parent during Season 1 and that was after curving the shit out of that grade for being a bounty hunter raised by bounty hunters (*said in this kid's voice).

However, a good chunk of Baby Yoda toys may not be making it to shelves at your local Toys R Us wherever the hell people shop for toys in 2020 that isn't Amazon and it hurts about as much as seeing Baby Yo turn into a force ghost for idiots like me that didn't preorder Baby Yo toys. My kids weren't alive when super popular toys like Tickle Me Elmo being under a tree would make or break a family's entire Christmas. But I'm guessing a super cute baby with big ol' eyes and coos that warm even a Sith Lord's soul will be the hottest item of the holiday season. And as an idiot blogger without a preorder, there is no way I am going to be able to get my hands on that doll unless I tap into my kids' college funds or sell one of the kids, which I guess isn't the worst trade off in the world since Baby Yo doesn't require to be fed, changed, or cared after. But still, as a dad that loves buying toys for his kids that he can end up playing without seeming like a complete weirdo, this news hurts. A lot.