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If The Big Market Milwaukee Brewers Can Keep Christian Yelich, The Indians Have No Excuse Not To Keep Francisco Lindor

Man, baseball just is not fair when you have these mega market teams like the Milwaukee Brewers unloading their limitless payrolls to sign all of the big name players. Oh wait, the Brewers have the 22nd largest payroll.....just 3 spots above the crybaby Cleveland Indians and their cheap ass owners.

If the Milwaukee Brewers can afford to extend Christian Yelich, then the Indians can bring back Francisco Lindor.

It's as simple as that. And I'm not even talking about the specific numbers from the Yelich deal. I know that Lindor is going to be more expensive than this, I get it. If Lindor would accept $200 million then this deal would be done by now. But my point is that if the Milwaukee Brewers are able to work with their star and find a deal that works for both sides, then there is no reason the Indians ownership can't do the same. PAY THE MAN HIS MONEY.

And I know it's going to be expensive. Yeah, no shit. Lindor is a superstar. But my problem is that it seems like the Indians refuse --- and always have refused --- to pay their stars what they're worth on the open market. The Cleveland Indians do not re-sign their own players. They either sign players for well below their value and lock them in early, or they trade them away before they have to pay the big money.

I cannot sit here and watch another Cleveland Indians superstar either get shipped away, or worse, walk away. I'm tired of this braindead billionaire gouging our eyes out with high prices to go to the ballpark, but then turning around and giving us every reason under the sun why he can't pay one of the most marketable, personable, and talented players in the game what he's going to go get from someone else the first time he gets the chance. We're the only people that can talk to him right now. HE WANTS TO BE HERE. He's willing to listen. Give the man 10 years $400 million. And quit giving us excuses. Milwaukee didn't.