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A Duke Student Is Complaining That Making Kids Camp Out In A Tent For UNC Tickets Is Hazing Due To A Lack Of Sleep

[Source] - However, I would argue that this time-honored tradition, according to the definitions outlined by the Duke Student Affairs (DSA) office, fits the criteria for hazing. I would like to call your attention to two specific violations: “Level I violation: Line-ups” and “Level II violation: Sleep deprivation or interruption of consecutive sleep hours.” Sound familiar? 

Furthermore, these tent checks can be called at any time, even when the average student, according to research, should be getting their restful 7-9 hours of sleep (a recommended, yet optimistic range).

Alright, let's get this out of the way. Really this blog can be summed up with one sort of gif that everyone is thinking. 

And this is why every single person not associated with Duke will always make fun of them. One of the things that's a STAPLE with Duke hoops is tenting out for the UNC game and showing up for games. The Cameron Crazies are always there, that's the truth. But complaining about having to camp out for the biggest game on the schedule? What are we doing here. 

Actually it's not even complaining. Comparing it with HAZING. Hazing is something we've seen people get in trouble with the law for. We've seen deaths, injuries and everything in between due to different types of hazing. This? This ain't hazing. 

I can't stop laughing at the thought of being outraged you have to line up maybe once a night and it disrupting a 7-9 hour sleep. Buddy, being a parent is fucking hazing then. Owning a puppy and having to let the good boy outside is fucking hazing then. Fuck outta here with your nonsense of having to line up. You want to go to the UNC game, you follow tradition. 

Plus, it's college. You can live on an hour a sleep a night in college. College isn't real life.