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Oh My God The Sky Is Falling Because Ohio State Now Only Has One Healthy Scholarship Running Back......Not

The Buckeyes will be without their presumptive starting running back for at least the rest of spring as Ohio State announces Master Teague III has been classified as unavailable for the remainder of spring practice.

Ohio State has not confirmed the nature of the injury or whether he will be ready for the start of the season in September, but a source told Eleven Warriors that Teague suffered an Achilles injury during Monday's practice.

Well that sucks. There's really no other way to put it. Master Teague was an absolute dog last year, behind a 1st Team All-American in JK Dobbins. Teague ran for 789 yards.....good enough for 7th in the Big Ten. He had a YPC of 5.84.......good enough for 5th in the Big Ten. Oh, and he only got the THIRD most carries on his own team. This dude was about to become a household name this Fall. And the fact that they're calling him "unavailable" is making me expect the worst. It sounds like a torn Achilles to me......out for the year. Ouch.

And that leaves the Buckeyes in a real shitty situation. Dobbins left early for the draft, sophomore stud Marcus Crowley is already injured, Demario McCall pretty much moved to the H-back position last year, and now Teague is probably out for the year. The Ohio State running backs room now has one......ONE.......healthy running back: redshirt frehsman Steele Chambers.

Yeah, it sounds like a big deal. Sounds really bad. Sounds like a catastrophy. But let's get one thing straight: Ohio State would still go 10-2 with fucking Glenny Balls at running back. The fact that we "only" have a four-star, 6'1, 220 pound option left is the biggest no big deal in the entire world. And we're going to move McCall, the #44 overall player in the country coming out of high school, back to his original running back spot. And we have the best running QB in football. AND we have the transfer portal. Yeah, we'd have to open up a scholarship spot, but I can't think of a more desirable situation for a top RB to transfer to right now than a national championship caliber team with a thin RB room.

My confidence level that this team will once again go 12-0, win the Big Ten Championship game, and head off to the playoffs for the season to begin is 100%, the same as it was two days ago. Oh no, we lost a running back to injury. Who's going to beat us now? Nebraska? Illinois? 

Way too many people on the internet are freaking out.....and way too many head coaches at Ohio State have used the word "crisis" recently.

“We’re one injury away from a little bit of a crisis right now, but in the end, when it comes to September, we’re gonna be okay,” Day said Monday, before Teague's injury status was known, in regards to the running back situation.

I have a strict policy where I don't say anything negative about a head coach that is 13-1*** overall and has never lost to Michigan, Penn State, or anyone except the refs, but I don't like the C word. There's the Flint Michigan Water Crisis. There's the Cuban Missile Crisis. And now there's the Coronavirus Health Crisis. But at Ohio State? Nah, we're too blessed to be stressed.