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Man Spends 3 Hours Using Fishing Rod To Reel In A Versace Necklace

That's the one, Marv. That's.....

To be a great fisherman you've got to be patient, focused, determined, and adventurous. This Aussie gent had all those qualities, not to mention a very comfy looking tracksuit that proved perfect for a long night of reelin' & stealin'. 

From Australia's ABC News:

Police are trying to catch a man who used a fishing rod to steal a Versace necklace off a mannequin through a shop window in Melbourne's central business district.

The man spent almost three hours trying to hook the $800 costume jewellery off the dummy's neck, after breaking a hole in the window of high-end fashion boutique lestyle in Little Collins Street.

Police said the thief used two different-sized rods before eventually reeling in the Medusa medallion necklace just after 2:00am on Monday February 24.

Lestyle owner Steven Adigrati said the man chipped a hole in the glass without setting off the alarm.

* Photo by Jean Edwards at ABC News. <--- not sure if i have to include that but don't want kmarko getting mad at me since we've been beefin' lately. 

Going off more photos in the news, the necklace looked similar to this one below that I found on a public Insta page & selected because the arrangement was visually stimulating & made me tilt my head to the side a little bit in intrigued confusion. 

Anyways, the man is still on the loose but with the clarity of the video captured I doubt it's long before they nab him. If the prison has a claw machine (assuming it will??) this guy is gonna be super popular in there.

I expect to see an update on the Barstool Outdoors Instagram page at some point this week.