Feitelberg and Anyone Else Who's Happy with USMNT Even Though They Didn't Win Anything is UnAmerican








Et tu, Feitelberg? Et tu?  Is this really what it’s come to? Are the soccerphants (TM Gerry Callahan) so desperate to grow the sport that they want us all to accept a one & done in the Round of 16 as something to celebrate?  Look, this is not just knee jerk soccer-bashing here.  That’s become to blogging what “What’s the deal with airplane food?” is to stand up.  I don’t pretend to be a futbol guy but watched the games and I pulled for the USMNT the way I root for America to win at anything.  From the World Cup to Snowboard Half Pipe to the Miss World Pageant.  And I get you don’t win ‘em all.  But this?  Are we really so accepting of our own mediocrity we’re fine with giving the “Good job, good effort” to a team that went 1-1-2, had one shot on goal in their penultimate game, then had their goalie fighting for his life while getting eliminated by a country the size of Massachusetts?  Are we not only supposed to be OK with that we’re supposed to celebrate it?  I’m not saying these guys deserve the “Two Escobars” treatment or we should cancel the 4th of July and hold a national day of mourning.  Just that no one is doing the sport any favors by rejoicing over failure. Not in this country anyway.

America is a land of achievers.  Where you get celebrated for doing great things, not for effort or for just showing up.  That’s why our ancestors dragged their sorry asses across the oceans to come here and carve out a life in the wilderness.  Because they found themselves stuck in places where you got special treatment just because of whose bloodline you belonged to.  We’re the driven, overachieving assholes who met the natives at Plymouth Rock and didn’t stop til we’d pushed them back to Venice Beach.  We don’t do half measures.  We honor the boys who landed in Normandy; we didn’t just tell them making it to England was good enough and just start handing out medals.  We were happy the Apollo 13 guys made it back safe but it was Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins who got the parade.  William Henry Harrison was the president who caught cold and died in 30 days.  That was a tough break, but you’ll notice he’s conspicuously absent from Mount Rushmore because Americans celebrate achievers.  Should Team USA be ashamed of themselves?  No.  They’re as good as they are good.  Which is top half of their group of four, top half of the World Cup 32.  The people who should be ashamed are the ones who are perfectly OK with that.  If you really want us to become a world power in the sport, you’re not going to get there acting like getting your ass kicked is a moral victory.  @JerryThornton1