I Still Think That The World Cup Was A Success For Team USA




Now that Team USA has been eliminated the conversation has turned to, why do Americans think that was a good tournament as we only won one game? But what Americans fail to realize is that we’re not ALWAYS the favorites. We have our pride and, sometimes, arrogance and like to pound our chest and scream America is the best. But the fact of the matter is that in soccer, we’re not. We’re not supposed to advance out of the Group of Death and we’re certainly not supposed to take Belgium (many experts’ dark horse to win the tourney) to extra time. When it comes to soccer, we’re the Rays and not the Yankees.


In Boston we’re of the mind set that if you didn’t win the championship, then the season failed. Then you failed. For the most part, here, with these teams, that’s true. We’re a large market city with big budgets, veteran coaches and teams with a good core of talent and leadership. With all that behind you, if you don’t win, then something went awry.



But Team USA soccer is not Boston sports. They’re small market and, in world competition, they’re the very new kids on the block. They’re the kind of team who everyone says has no shot, so advancing to an extent and proving the naysayers wrong can mean success. It can mean success because it gains fans for new revenue and maybe lets a few free agents out there (or young athletes, in soccer’s case) that “Hey, this wouldn’t be such a bad place to play. Maybe I’ll check that out.”


And that’s the reason it was a successful tournament. Because Team USA undoubtedly won over more and more fans. Guys like Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey have become household names. I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass and tell you that tomorrow soccer will have “arrived” in America. But the last two weeks weren’t acting from me. I wasn’t playing a character. I genuinely enjoyed the games I watched, and I absolutely will continue to do watch futbol (#YNWA). So while all the funny people in America make their “see you in four years, soccer” jokes, there are some of us who are still all in. And for that reason, it was a successful tournament.