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Where Should You Play Online Poker In The United States? (Featuring Joey Ingram)

The number 1 question I get, more than anything else is "where can I play online poker in the United States?". It's a tricky question to answer, because unless you live in a handful of states- Nevada, NJ, PA, Delaware, and soon to be Michigan, you cannot "legally" play online poker on a regulated site. Meaning if you want to play online in New York, your only options are the offshore sites. Let us explain:

It sucks but that's the truth of the matter. My advice to you would be to never put on more than you can afford to lose, and to be careful when playing on them because nothing is guaranteed. Bots, collusion, multi-accounting, etc is not cracked down on as much as they should be on the unregulated sites. Joey Ingram, one of the top poker #content creators, came on today's show to talk more about these issues. 

Joey also considers us the top poker podcast out there right now, so that is pretty cool too. Oh also on today's show I tell the full story behind what happened here. It happens to all of us...

…but boy is it awkward when it happens to you. So that full story, Joey, plus more on today's podcast.

And speaking of top poker content creators, coming up on Thursday's show is the top poker vlogger in the game, Brad Owen. Every video he makes gets hundreds of thousands if not millions of views, so it will be fun to talk to him about what that's like. So if you're interested in this sort of thing, please subscribe, would mean a lot to me.