LaVar Ball Is Back On TV Saying Some Outrageous Shit

Well that didn't take long. I feel like we haven't really seen LaVar on these talk shows since Lonzo left LA, and honestly who really missed him? I'm not sure why he was even on TV today but like clockwork they put him on camera and he went back to the well with some outrageous bullshit. According to LaVar, his middle son, you know the one not even on an NBA roster, is going to LEAD THE NBA IN SCORING?!?!?! Within 3 years??? Listen we've heard LaVar say some bullshit over the years, but that might just take the cake. At first I thought he was talking about Melo, which is outrageous but I get it. But no, he was talking about Gelo! He's not even on the Thunder's G League team's active roster! He's a practice player! How are you going to go from not even being on an active roster to being the best scorer in the NBA within 3 years of making it to the league? Especially when it's already been kind of proven that LiAngelo can't play at the NBA level. What signs have we seen that he's ever going to make it to the big boy league. Now he's going to score more than Durant, or Harden, or Giannis, or Trae Young. Yeah I don't think so.

Honestly, I feel for the Ball kids. Lonzo is finally pushing back and has found new life in New Orleans where he looks better than ever. LaMelo is most likely going to be a high lottery pick this season. On one hand you have to appreciate LaVar having this type of confidence in his kids, but at the same time putting all this pressure on them certainly can't help. Especially when it's being thrown on the worst of the three brothers. I hope LaMelo crushes it once he makes it to the league, but chances are his career will be ruined before it even starts since he'll probably end up on the Knicks. 

Just be warned though, if you thought we were maybe heading towards the end of LaVar being put on TV, my fear is it's only going to get worse once he has two sons in the NBA. What will it be next, LaMelo will be the first rookie to ever win MVP since Wes Unseld in 1968?