Feminists New Thing Is Wearing Bikinis That Look Like Boobs To Protest Not Being Allowed To Dump Em Out On the Beach

tatatt tatat


Huffpo – Head to a beach this summer and you might see a bunch of women walking around with their nipples on show. But, before you drop your ice-cream cone on the floor and gawk, know that all may not be as it first seems. The women may very well be sporting the new TaTa Top – a bikini top with two pink nipples emblazoned onto the cups.At first glance the top may seem like some hilarious prank, but dig slightly below the surface and its creators have a distinctly more feminist agenda. While men are free to walk shirtless as they please, being topless if you’re a woman is illegal in some American states. With that in mind the bizarrely realistic garment has been created in order to tackle the lack of gender equality when it comes to bearing all. On their website the makers of the bikini, Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle, write: “Why can’t girls be topless? If you really think about it, what’s the difference between a man’s nipples and a woman’s? Is it really just the extra breast tissue? Is it the fact that women’s nipples are paired with a vagina? “Is it the presence of a real and true female nipple bare to the world that is so offensive, that is so horrid that it must be kept covered?”Who is this law protecting and what are they protecting them from? What message does it send to young women about their bodies? That they should be ashamed and keep them covered?”

Well finally here is one issue the feminists and I can agree on. If chicks want to walk around the beach tit slanging it all over the place more power to them. (*Unless they are fat then they should be herded like cattle back into the mainland) Let people gawk. Let them shout. Let them whistle. Who cares? Dump em out! That’s what I say.

But as far as the rest of this mumbo jumbo goes are the feminists really that stupid? What’s the difference between men being topless and chicks being topless. Well at the risk of being crude let me ask you this. How many chicks want to drag their vaginas across a guys chest? How many chicks want to rub their clits against my nipple till they leak all over the place? Oh the answer is zero. Now let’s reverse the question. How many dudes want to rub their dicks all over chicks titties? How many guys want to shoot their load on a girls nipple? Oh the answer is 1,000%? And there my friends is the difference. Chick tits are sexual. Guys tits ain’t. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. It’s not some cultural norm either. It’s universal. That’s darwinsim. That’s being a human. That’s birds and the bees type shit. That’s why there are different rules.


PS – This feminist wearing jorts is so feminist it hurts.