Ghana Soccer Teams Holds Government Hostage And Forces Them To Fly A Plane To Brazil With 3 Million Dollars To Avoid Them Forfeiting Vs. Portugal



TheScore – In response to the Ghana national team boycotting training, and the increasing threat the side would abandon its final Group Stage match against Portugal, the Ghanian government has sent more than $3-million in cash to Brazil. The money was promised to players as World Cup qualifying bonuses that were supposed to be paid weeks ago. The appearance fees are said to be approximately $75,000 each.According to the BBC, Deputy Sports Minister Joseph Yamin told Ghanaian radio station Citi FM: The players insisted that they will want physical cash. The government had to mobilize the money and a chartered flight to Brazil. The money is in excess of $3-million.With growing unrest and the threat of a boycott looming, Ghana President John Dramani Mahama personally promised the players that on Tuesday they would receive what was owed to them. According to a statement from the Ghana Football Association: The government is pre-financing the payment of the Black Stars appearance fees which will be reimbursed when FIFA’s prize money for Ghana’s participation in the World Cup is paid after the tournament in Brazil.


Haha. Did the Pres do it again or did the Pres do it again? Seriously hard to believe that just last week people/morons were arguing with me that rioting in the streets over beating Ghana was justified.  Kind of looks silly now right?  I mean the team basically just bankrupted their own government forcing them to pay them 3 million dollars or else they wouldn’t play. Now half the country is probably gonna starve to death. Meanwhile the US and our cushy training facilities and endless resources are acting like it was the Miracle on Ice. Like I said before the United States should never lose to a country that rations electricity or can’t pay their players. I don’t care if they are talented or not.  A Lanister always pays his debts.