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Breaking News: Husband Of Chick Leo Supposedly Hooked Up With In Cannes Killed Himself




TMZ – The husband of “Deal Or No Deal” suitcase model Katie Cleary shot himself to death … just weeks after she was photographed getting cozy with Leo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Andrew Stern shot himself in the head Sunday while he was at a shooting range in the San Fernando Valley. We’re told law enforcement interviewed various people after the suicide, including Katie, and they were told — among other things — he was suffering significant stress over marital problems.

Obviously this is a sensitive story since this guy committed suicide and as a rule I never want to make fun of that. Having said that grow up bro. Who cares that your wife cheated on you with Leo? That’s what Leo does. He fucks supermodels on top of supermodels. It’s not like he wanted to marry her or have a relationship with her. It wasn’t emotional. It was just Leo sex. Nothing to be ashamed of there. You just tip your cap and move on. It would be one thing if it was some random hunk with a huge cock, but it wasn’t. It was just Leo doing Leo things. No need to get bent all out of shape about it.  In fact I’d sort of be proud in a way.  Like if I’m gonna get cuckholded I want it to be Leo doing the cuckholding.  I dunno. Suicide just seems like a major overreaction here. Brush it off and live to play another day.