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Can Somebody Please Tell Jerry Seinfeld That He Looks Like A Doofus In Circular Glasses?





So Jerry Seinfeld is on vacation in Greece right now and his butch ass wife is posting pictures every two seconds of them. Everytime I see him I cringe. No I’m not talking about his horse smile. He can’t change that, but I’m talking about his glasses. Who wears circle glasses nowadays? Teddy Rooselevlt, Morpheus, Larry David, George Will and Jerry Seinfeld that’s who. George Will and Larry David kind of pull it off but not Seinfeld. He looks like an idiot.  Bottomline is that somebody who made their living off making fun of society should be more culturally aware than this. And I’m not just picking on Seinfeld here either. Nobody should wear circle rim glasses. They shouldn’t even sell them anymore. If you buy circular glasses then you probably can’t be trusted with any decision regarding anything the rest of your life. Just an egregious fashion decision.