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Nothing But 7-10 Splits

You want to talk sweet pin action? Let's talk sweet pin action. 

Let's talk 7-10 splits.

Simple concept, but nearly impossible in execution. Requires precision, confidence, conviction, and an appropriately weighted 16-pound, high-gloss polyurethane ball. You start mixing that together and you're going to get some special moments. The most recent notable one that comes to mind is Sean Rash's 5th frame earlier this month in the Tournament of Champions Match Play. What a moment for the Alaskan native. 

It's not often you get the chance to pick these up. But when you do, commit to the ball. Don't roll over and play dead like a pussy just because it's a challenge. Pick that shit up then give the boys some chest bumps. 

In other news, it has come to my attention that there was a 2006 movie called 7-10 Split staring Tara Reid, Big Pussy from Sopranos and the girl from Karate Kid 3. Jeff D Lowe gave it a 51/100. Some fun moments in a unique storyline, but overall a wasted cast and horrendous cinematography. 

Maybe not exactly buttered but I'd still eat it. When it comes to bowling I'll take whatever I can get.