Holy Shit, There Is Actually A Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Available Right Now On The Playstation Store

I realize that a good chunk of Barstool's audience was either not alive when the original Final Fantasy VII came out or could not give less of a single fuck that the remake of the original Final Fantasy VII is scheduled to come out on April 10th. But I don't care because I have been excited about this remake for literally my entire adult life since FF VII is one of my favorite games ever and I thought it was going to go the way of Dr. Dre's "Detox" album (Compton does not count as Detox because it was trash and Detox was going to be a classic alongside The Chronic and 2001) and I never thought the remake would actually happen considering there have been rumors about it being developed since PlayStation 2 was the hottest PlayStation in the streets. To get an idea of how obsessed I was with Final Fantasy VII, I completed it multiple times despite it being 3 discs long, bought the soundtrack from some random Japanese website for like $100, and had the Sephiroth final boss song in my rotation alongside artists like Aerosmith, 2Pac, and Biggie.

Safe to say there weren't any girls visiting my bedroom during my Final Fantasy VII days.

Despite all the news about the remake coming out, I never truly got excited that it was actually going to come out because of all the issues the game ran into in the past. I didn't care that gameplay footage was released at last year's E3,  the original would be remade as separate games that would end up costing hundreds of dollars, or that news dropped that they were pushing back the release from March 3, 2020 to April 10, 2020. Instead I just figured the game was never coming out just like the Knicks will never get sold from James Dolan's death grip. Can't get disappointed if you live in a constant state of disappointment, right?

However after roughly a zillion different twists, turns, and delays, it seems like the Final Fantasy VII Remake may actually be a reality and we get to see Cloud's sword, Barrett's gun hand, and Tifa's, ummmm, fists in the finest graphics that modern technology can produce. Because it would take an extraordinary amount of fuck ups to delay a game yet again after release a demo with roughly a month left until release.  Don't get me wrong, I truly believe that anything is possibllllllllllle (trademark Kevin Garnett) when it comes to the FF VII Remake getting pushed back. But at the very least, I can play the 7.6GB demo that has taken wayyyyy too long to load on my PS4 as I write this blog and will be able to consider that the Remake if/when it gets pushed back to the PS5's release, followed by being ready for when the PS6 is cooking, and then finally maybe one day they will remake the demo for the PS10.