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Matt Williams Was Smashed Into While On the Air on the Radio This Morning, Kept Going Like It Was No Big Deal

(audio from DC Sports Bog)

So Matt Williams was almost killed this morning on the way to the ballpark. One second he’s shooting the shit with the Junkies, the next second some guy is driving aimlessly and crashing into everything in sight, including the back of Matt Williams’ car. Helicopters are buzzing overhead, and Williams isn’t even bothered one bit. This is the same guy who wasn’t even phased by fist fighting Barry Bonds, so I’m not completely shocked that he barely moved a muscle after being hit in the middle of a high speed chase. I lose my fucking mind if someone as much as changes lanes in front of me and doesn’t use their blinker. Middle fingers flying and laying on my horn for hours on end. Matt did the complete opposite.

PS: The wildest part about this for me is that a baseball manager has to be at the ballpark 5 hours before a game. What can a manager do at 8am for a 1:05 game? How long does it take to fill out the same lineup card as the day before? I feel baseball managers do less than any other sports’ coach. I think my rankings on how hard it is to coach a team goes 1) football, 2) hockey, 3) basketball, 4) baseball.