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Man Locks Wife In Bathroom After Suspicions That She Had Coronavirus


A Lithuanian man locked his wife in a bathroom over fears she had coronavirus after she met with a Chinese woman who had arrived from Italy.

The man's wife called police, who rushed to the apartment in the capital Vilnius.

The man said he had locked her up after 'consulting on the phone with doctors' on how to avoid infection, according to local police.

In times like these, you can never be too precautious. The Coronavirus is afoot in the US of A and I, for one, am not taking any chances. More and more people are wielding masks around NYC and it has me thinking... am I gonna get the coronavirus? No. At least hopefully not. My body is typically a fortress. It's very hard to infiltrate my immune system unless I want you in my body (i.e. bad food).

Well, apparently this guy doesn't want the coronavirus either. He locked his wife in the bathroom not because she just came back from a trip in one of the affected countries, but because she talked to a woman of Chinese descent who happened to be arriving from Italy. I guess this guy has never heard of a coincidence.


This guy heard that his wife had so much as talked to someone who had maybeee come into contact with a little coronavirus and immediately threw her into the bathroom. Personally, I don't think your bathroom is the perfect place to quarantine someone with a global virus but then again, I'm no doctor. That's the other thing, what type of doctor is this man calling? It makes you wonder what exactly happened on the phone with the doctor.

Honestly, I doubt this man had the wherewithal to contact a doctor first. He definitely just put the pieces of the puzzle together in his head and made a judgment call. 

China + Italy = Coronavirus

Even if there was a threat, there is no way this "doctor" was able to diagnose her over the phone. Symptoms of the coronavirus take a while to show and she had just met with the other woman. No chance she would've had it at the time of this supposed phone call. I get that this whole coronavirus thing is scary but there's no need to throw your loved ones into quarantine against their will. 

However he was not arrested and the woman did not press charges.

The woman did get tested just in case and came out negative.

Talk about being in the doghouse. He might not be able to come back from this. I know for a fact if I was that woman I'd come out of that bathroom swinging at just about everyone. Thankfully, no one was hurt during all of this. 

PS - Who would've guessed she didn't actually have the coronavirus? Shocking stuff. Maybe she should go and get married to someone who won't lock her up against her will because of minor coincidences.