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Putting Adoptable Dogs On Cans Of Beer Is Going To Save Every Dog In America

Well this is the greatest idea of all time. Not great if you're a basic white girl who is trying to figure out what to do with her life who will adopt a dog after 3 vodka crans, but great for the ASPCA to get these dogs adopted.

Look at Lola! Look at Noodles! Look at Archie! After a 6 pack of beer who wouldn't be calling the shelter and adopting all 3 and waking up wondering why you have dog shit all over your 4th floor walkup studio apartment. But it'd be worth it because sometimes the only boost you need to do something you want to do is alcohol. And I say that in a positive way. Some of life's best, and most daring decisions are made under the influence. We don't talk about that enough. Usually we only talk about the *bad* decisions that get made while drinking, but so many great things, purchases, trips, festivities, and memories (or lack there of) are made because of alcohol. So obviously putting Noodles on a can of beer is a home run idea. Maybe this will be the push people need to adopt a new pupper and save some lives, both the dogs and yours.