Guys You Won't Believe This, But Costcos Were Crowded During The Weekend As Coronavirus Fears Swept The Nation!

Oh my God, do you see those crowds?!? They look like...pretty much every other weekend morning at Costco! As someone that has been a card carrying Costco member for decades (not to brag), I can confirm that simply leaving your house on the weekend knowing your destination is a Costco parking lot followed by a Costco store is a daunting task that is pretty much the retail version of the final run from 1917. 

But I have done it multiple times, with kids no less, knowing that waiting in line for the gates to open with a bunch of people in varying states of distress is par for the course to save a bunch of money while buying in bulk.

Perhaps not as much par for the course was the way some of the shelves looked.

But anybody who has ever lived through a snow storm that got hyped more than Mayweather/McGregor is used to videos of packed grocery stores with empty shelves as people stock up on the essentials like milk and bread. I suppose a virus that has killed thousands of people is different than some frozen water falling from the sky. But the results are likely the same: Moldy bread and spoiled milk, or in this case people having enough bottled water and toilet paper to make sure they never go thirsty or have dirty butts again, once life goes back to normal. 

Last I checked, you can still buy bottled water and toilet paper online or in any other store that sells those products. So the only real losers from this weekend are the people that had to wait extra long for their $1.50 Hot Dog + Soda (with free refills) and the sorry sons of bitches that came up empty handed battling for basic life essentials after battling through your typical Sunday crowds at a store that actually has a Members Only policy. Thoughts and prayers to all of them.