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A Guy Got the Kentucky Fried Chicken "Double Down" Tattooed On His Leg


Gawker - In the case of an anonymous bearded individual identified by New York Magazine as “Some Idiot,” the original gamble was that he could consume some number of KFC Double Downs and live. The “doubling down,” so to speak, was having an image of the maybe-sandwich tattooed on his leg. The tattoo was a real creative challenge, the artist explained, because of the difficulty of distinguishing one brown-yellow ingredient from another. Some Idiot has drawn obvious comparisons to the Norwegian kid who got his McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his arm. There’s a crucial difference, though: One did it for shits and giggles and the other did it for KFC’s YouTube channel.

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I really, really don’t like the attitude of the above. I believe as the old saying goes, “I thought this was America?”. We should all be applauding this tattoo. That is the American dream. That’s why we pay taxes here, that’s why we set off fireworks on the 4th of July, and that’s why we eat a sandwich where the bread is fried chicken, and live to get it permanently tattooed on our body. Because freedom. I can just imagine John Adam and Thomas Jefferson having a beer, reminiscing about the founding of the country, smiling fondly on this fella for getting fried chicken, cheese, bacon, and the great hero himself Mr. Colonel Sanders engrained on his body for life. It’s what they would have wanted, and why they worked so hard for this country.