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Question of the Day – If We Forced Our Best Athletes To Learn How To Play Soccer How Long Would It Take For Us To Win The World Cup?




I feel like I ask this question every World Cup, generally after I watch the US get curb stomped by some 3rd world country that barely has running water and shit. What would happen if we forced our best athletes to start playing soccer? How long till we win the World Cup? I’m talking if you forced Lebron, Andrew McCuthchen, Adrien Peterson, Megatron, Russell Westbrook, Rondo etc to train 24/7. Conservatively speaking I think we’d win the next World Cup in Russia. I just don’t see any way it would take longer than 4 years before we’d become the best team in the world. I mean the only reason we suck at soccer now is because the only guys who play soccer in America are guys who couldn’t play football. They aren’t even close to elite athletes here. But imagine if the guys I just mentioned played soccer? Not to be cliché but they are literally too big, too strong, too fast for everybody else. We just wouldn’t win we’d win for fun. I almost want to force them to do it just to shut everybody up. America Fuck Yeah.

PS – I know lots of times I exaggerate but I’m being dead serious here.  Soccer is all about speed, agility and coordination.  Those guys I mentioned would dominate.