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Instagram With Chaps: Smoking is Back

Just a quick bonus blog here before I start recording zero blog 30 but I’d be derelict in my duty if I didn’t mention this. After doing some research for today’s show and seeing the shit show in Afghanistan continue to unfold, I turned to my trusty Instagram discover page to cleanse the ole palate. Wouldn’t you know it, my gal Audrey Hepburn is on some account ripping heaters and looking like an adorable piece of smoked coconut cream cake. Cute doesn’t begin to describe how cute she looks while sucking on a cancer stick.

As the saying goes, lung darts pierce the heart of any man and that saying has never been more true than when the picture of grace gently blows smoke all over the place. Incredible. Might have to pick up a pack of Virginia Slim 100s after I record. Can’t pass on the chance to look as cute as a button. If buttons are cute, Audrey is this smoking jacket.